Complex solution for insufficient supervision within Construction Industry

Safety Aspect

Construction industry spends over 6% of their spendings to increase safety. However, each year aproximately 2 million people suffer from work accidents.

Productivity Aspect

According to recent researches, at least 35% of total construction management time is waster and 75% of industry’s projects were delayed.

Smart Helmet

Combination of sensors, mounted on safety helmet allows us to bring data that can maximize construction companies revenue.
  • High Return on Investment
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Workers productivity increase
  • Real-Time Effectiveness and Safety monitoring
  • Ease of implementation
  • High scalability regardless of employee count

Additional benefits for your company:

Remote management

Don’t send supervisors on your employees. Enforce regulations from behind your desk.


Raise your company’s profile using fresh solutions.

Environmentally compliant

Reduce the amount of paper your company uses. Act together with the environment!