implements the project POPW.01.01.02-20-0108/21

An innovative safety system using machine learning algorithms to verify correct clothing and exclude dangerous behavior in the construction industry.

under the Eastern Poland Operational Program, priority axis 1 Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland, measure 1.1 Starting platforms for new ideas, sub-measure 1.1.2 Development of startups in Eastern Poland

Project value: 1 223 599.00 PLN

Wartość​ wydatków kwalifikowanych: 1 069 200.00 PLN

Value​ of eligible expenses: 908 820.00 PLN

Project goal: Zwiększenie bezpieczeństwa na placach budowy

As a result of the project, a safety control system on construction sites will be created and commercialized, using a dedicated device mounted on a construction helmet.

The following result indicator will be achieved: Number of product innovations introduced [pcs.] – 1.

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